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Train Insane with Cass Vol. 3 | Music Playlist 3


With all of the half marathons coming up (and the summer running season) I figured it was time to share another playlist!! 

You can download it on iTunes here!

Train Insane with Cass Vol. 2 | Music Playlist 2


I use BCAAs every day during and post workout! Some benefits of using BCAAs are:

* Reduced fatigue

* Accelerated recovery

* Reduced muscle soreness

* Improved use of fat for energy 

* Enhanced stamina

* Muscle building

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Protein Powder

Protein powder is all the same, right?! Why go to the hassle of ordering online when I can just get it from the store when it's convenient for me? These were my same thoughts about 6 months ago!
Yes, most protein powder is going to give you the same results, but it doesn't all taste the same and it's hard to find one with the nutrition facts like the ones from idealfit. There are tons of flavors and you really can't go wrong with any of them! I'm actually a big believer in more protein and more calories in a protein powder, but for someone like me who likes to snack a ton throughout the day, this has been a life saver! If I'm craving a late night snack this is also my go-to. It's only 80 calories and 20 grams of protein! If you are someone who struggles to get in your daily amount of protein, this will be your best friend! Just add a scoop to a 32 oz tumbler, shake, add some crushed ice and BOOM - you have yourself a delicious chocolate coconut drink that will fill you up and cut the sugar cravings!

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My List of Supplements

Supplements are HUGE to my recovery! I will double up on these bad boys when I'm in real hard core training mode! Start the habit of making a conscious effort to take your supplements every day! Consistency is key! Like most things in life, don't expect to take them a couple times a week and see a huge difference. Make it part of your nightly routine!

Here are some of the supplements I take. Check out my video to hear why I am a believer!!

* Vitamin D3 - bone health

* Glucosamine - bone health

* Omega 3 - inflammation and joint pain. Other benefits include preventing heart disease and
improving liver function

* BioCell - joint and skin

* Fiber - helps to keep you feeling full and regular

* Inflammation - inflammation and injury

* Caplyts - replenishes electrolytes

* BCAA's - building lean muscle and speed recovery (use code CASS for a 10% discount)

* Nano Hydrate - pre workout (use code CASS for a discount)

#strongnotskinny fall fitness challenge

As a member of Train Insane, we know you are dedicated to fitness. Many of you have desires and goals related to fitness and we want to propel you to accomplish those goals! This is why we are sooo excited to introduce the 1st ever challenge here at Train Insane! 

* Email a BEFORE photo, taken the first week of the Fall Session, to by August 26th: Make sure a sign is displayed that says #strongnotskinny 8/20

* Sign-up and attend the Fall Session of Train Insane Classes

* Submit an AFTER photo at the end of the session (details forthcoming) 

(your photos will remain private to instructors only unless you give Train Insane permission to share.)

 * A FREE Session of Train Insane classes

* A Train Insane Nutrition Guide

* A $100.00 Lululemon Gift Card 

The winner will be chosen based on overall transformation this Fall Session. Not only will we be looking at before and after photos, but fitness improvements you are making in classes as well. Instructors will be taking note of those who are pushing themselves to their limits and improving their fitness capabilities (i.e. push-ups from knees to toes or completing your fist pull-up). We hope this gives you a little more incentive to DIG DEEP! We can hardly wait to see you TRANSFORM!! YOU GOT THIS!!!

 * Take a picture in your most natural form. Avoid anything that alters your natural appearance (i.e. spray tan, sucking in, etc.)

* Try to wear the same thing in before and after photos.

* Less is more (sports bra & spandex), but if you feel more comfortable try to wear something more form fitting to better compare results.

* Light background without distractions works best. 

* Try to take the after photo in the same place. 

Click HERE for more transformation photo tips

Train Insane with Cass | Music Playlist 1

By popular demand, I am sharing my top 60 favorite workout songs! 

Click here for the direct link to my apple music playlist!